Brooklyn Criminal Defense

An arrest or indictment may be the most frightening event you face. A great deal is at stake. In Brooklyn, The Blanch Law Firm provides the caliber of defense you require, whether you face state or federal charges of any type or seriousness. Our attorneys believe every defendant should understand the legal process and the facts and potential outcome of the case. To that end, we are available at every stage to inform and guide you. The following is a brief summary of what happens following an arrest: A police officer or federal agent can arrest you if they have a warrant or probable cause to believe you committed a crime. If you are arrested and taken into custody, you likely will be taken to a precinct, or in the case of a federal investigation, to a federal law enforcement facility. Investigators will collect your identification information. You may be questioned. We caution you not to say anything before speaking with an attorney, even if you believe you are innocent. If charges are filed, you must be arraigned before a judge. Some state charges are less serious and are misdemeanors. In these cases, you may issued a desk appearance ticket (DAT) and be ordered to appear in Brooklyn Criminal Court at a specific time.If you are taken into custody, you could be held for up to 24 hours (and often more) before you see the judge.