Construction Site Safety and Fraud

While most state and federal governments acknowledge the importance of having safe practices at the construction sites, most of the construction site managers are still involved in committing diverse forms of unsafe practices. Injuries arising from equipment and collapsing buildings due to poor workmanship are the order of the day. Construction site safety entails the practice of having the right environment, people and equipment at the construction site. The right personnel are in terms of qualification and certifications granted by the local authority. Inspection and supervision by the site manager is usually a prerequisite in the real estate industry. In real estate, site safety is important. Cases of fraud in the real estate industry have been cited to involve having unqualified personnel, theft, impersonation and lack of accreditation by the relevant. Most of the fraud cases in construction sites involving larceny and other minor felony offences are usually actionable in court. All these offences according to the state law are usually actionable at diverse levels according to the nature of seriousness in terms of degree.