Criminal Possession of Stolen Property

To be guilty of criminal possession of stolen property under the penal code 165.40 through to-54 of the New York City, one must be engaged in the act of taking possession of something that does not belong to him with an intention of accruing benefit from it, or denying the rightful owner of the benefit. The mere possession of any criminal property is in itself actionable parse and is a crime in all statutes and punishable by imprisonment of up to 25 years, depending on the degree of the offence. In most cases, the act regarded as larceny, which involves stealing and possession are usually actionable at the same time with serious repercussions to the offender. The application of the law on the criminal possession of stolen property mandates the district attorney of the state to institute charges of larceny as well as possession with the determination depending on the value of the property at the time when the offender was arrested. It is for this reason that the law in general classifies the criminal possession of stolen property in 5 degrees, all being classified as different degrees of the same kind of felony.