Night Arraignments

If the police arrest you, they will take you to the precinct and complete the arrest formalities. Once the arrest formalities are complete, you will be brought before a judge for “arraignment,” at which normally bail (if any) is set and you will be formally charged, informed of your rights, asked to plead guilty or not guilty, and in serious cases asked if you desire a preliminary hearing. This works well if you have been arrested during the day. You will be brought before a judge before the courts close for the day. So if you have been arrested after court hours or late at night, you will need to spend the entire night in police custody. But given the number of arrests made every day on New York and because of the State Supreme Court ruling in 1991 that set a 24 hour deadline for all arraignments, arraignments are held in the Criminal Court even after regular court hours. Presently arraignments are held 365 days a year from 9 am till 1 am.