Pennsylvania Criminal Defense

The Blanch Law Firm’s attorneys have diverse backgrounds, covering all aspects of the criminal justice system. We apply our collaborative knowledge and resources to every criminal defense case in state and federal courts in Pennsylvania and across the country. We defend clients facing all manner of charges, from drunken driving to running elaborate drug operations or frauds, and even murder. A widely respected firm, we craft defense strategies tailored to the facts of each case. We never present a one-size-fits-all defense. Our attorneys strongly believe that an informed client has a better chance at a positive outcome. You can fully participate in your defense if you understand the process. We keep clients informed of the process and the status of their case until it is completed. The Blanch Law Firm is licensed in New York, but is able to defend clients in Pennsylvania through the Pro-Hac-Vice admissions process. To get started, here is a summary of the arrest process in Pennsylvania: