Witness Protection Program

Whenever anyone says ‘Witness Protection Program,’ the frame of reference (for me at last) always goes to Goodfellas. For all the movies created about people in the witness protection program, it’s still a fairly secretive and effective endeavor in the United States. The following is a list of little-known facts about the witness protection program. […]

The Blotter – May 2018

Here is another edition of the blotter, where we round up the most unusual or stupid crimes that we can find around the world. Let’s start with Florida first (of course!). Society demands perfection and beauty, especially in women. A 61-year-old woman in Bradenton, Florida capitalized on these pressures and began running an illegal Botox […]

Indigent Defense Counsel

Thanks to a plethora of cop shows on TV, most individuals can recite their Miranda rights, including the fact that they have the right to an attorney, and if they cannot afford one, the state will appoint one to them. According to some studies, about 80 percent of all criminal defendants will qualify for legal […]

Got arrested in NY- what happens now?

Some of the biggest worries potential clients have for criminal defense lawyers is what happens next. The criminal justice system can be confusing for those unfamiliar with its landscape. Many individuals base their knowledge on what they see on T.V. or in films. This article will provide a general overview of what to expect once […]

Hearing Aid Scam

Healthcare fraud takes many forms – often with attempts to defraud the government or insurance entities by filing false claims. The government (and as a result, the taxpayers) are clearly victimized – but what about the patients who are the unwitting pawns in such a scheme? Recently, a father-son team was convicted for their role […]

Something’s Rotten in Denmark

For at least a year now, the people of the United States have been following (sometimes with glee) the investigation into allegations that the Russian government has meddled in our electoral process. Questions of the Trump campaign’s involvement continue to be asked. Robert Mueller continues to investigate, and so far, 19 individuals have been charged […]

Wells Fargo case- what really happened?

One of the biggest white-collar crime cases of the year has been the Wells Fargo case, where it was revealed that the bank issued secret credit cards without customer consent, set up fake email accounts to sign customers up for online banking and even formed sham accounts, discovered by customers only after fees began accumulating. […]

Drug Crimes: An Overview and History

Intoxicants have always beguiled humans – there was the Opium trade from China, the temperance movement in reaction to the widespread abuse of alcohol in the early 20th century, and now, problems with prescription opioids and heroine in middle America. In the 1970s, President Nixon declared a war on drugs, calling it public enemy number […]