The Best: Why You Can’t Afford Less

When you are charged with a crime, whether it’s a felony or a misdemeanor, hiring a great criminal defense lawyer, or better yet, a criminal defense attorney team, will usually pay for itself in the end. The following will tell you why.

If you face serious criminal charges, a dedicated criminal lawyer can make the difference between going to prison and not going at all. Even in the worst of cases, a top criminal attorney can fight for you to get you a deal that lowers your prison time or let’s you off on probation. This pays for itself and here’s why:

You can always find a cheaper criminal lawyer if that’s what you’re looking for. Criminal defendants are often shocked by the price tag associated with some of the best Criminal Defense Attorneys and so they shop for a less expensive lawyer. Suppose you are charged with armed robbery, homicide or felony drug possession and are facing a possible 15- 40 years in prison. You meet with a few New York criminal lawyers and they all charge between $20,000 and $50,000 to handle your case. So, you call around to a few more places and are overjoyed to find a lawyer that will handle your entire case for only $5,000. What a deal. Here’s the problem:

While you cannot measure a criminal attorney’s skill by his price tag, you can pretty well measure the amount of time your attorney will devote to you felony case. The less he or she is charging you, the more clients that criminal lawyer is going to need to pay the bills. A lawyer that charges $30,000 for your case may only handle 7-10 cases every year. That means all of that criminal law firm’s resources for the year are devoted to only a handful of criminal clients, which means they are maximizing the chances of getting your case dismissed or negotiated down to a deal with no prison time. The criminal lawyer that charges only $5,000 will have to have between 70-100 clients that year to make the same money. Even the hardest working criminal lawyer might work 2000 hours in a year on his client’s case. This means that the $5,000 lawyer will only have about 20 hours to devote to fighting the criminal charges brought against you! This time is typically eaten up in preparing motions, talking to the client and appearing in court; leaving very little time to preparing a defense, researching your case, talking to witnesses, dealing with a private investigator who acts like your own private cop and presenting your case to the prosecutor at one of the New York District Attorney’s Offices.

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The Best Defense Pays For Itself

If you spend an additional $10,000 to $60,000 on your New York criminal lawyer, you are maximizing your chances of never having to go to prison. You are also increasing the likelihood that you will spend as little time in jail as possible. The difference between spending 0-1 years in jail and having to waste 5 – 40 years of your life in prison is priceless. The money alone that you could be making during the time you are in prison is far greater than the amount you spent on hiring the best New York criminal lawyer you could find.

So, if you simply cannot afford a lawyer’s services you may have to find a less expensive one. But if you can pay for it, or convince your family and friends to chip in for the cost, it is always worth the price. Our advice is, if you don’t hire a certain criminal lawyer it should be because you did not think he or she was the best lawyer for the job and not because you needed to save some money. When you face criminal charges, you are in the most important moment of your life and you cannot afford not to hire the best criminal defense.

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