• Emel McDowell

    Author : The Blanch Law Firm February 19, 2014

    Emel McDowell

    Since joining the Blanch Law Firm, Mr. McDowell has devoted himself to insuring that no stone go unturned in the preparation of our firm’s client’s legal defenses. His research and investigative skills have proven invaluable in our team’s effort to win cases.

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  • facing numerous charges: extortion, election fraud, perjury, malicious intent, conspiracy against rights, intimidation and defamation, but i believe that i am innocent. I own and manage a large agricultural business, lynn feichter family ranch, as well as manage a large nonprofit org. in Mich., so I have many interests to protect. will you be so kind as to provide me with an estimate of your rated fees in background research and judicial discovery? please call and email: ph. 2603345232

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