• The Blanch Law Firm Highlighted on Thumbtack

    Author : The Blanch Law Firm May 5, 2014

    The Blanch Law Firm has been recently highlighted on Thumbtack, a resource for hiring new services.Thumbtack's mission: Ever wonder why you can buy any product online with a single click, but you can't hire a photographer, tutor, contractor, or other local service professional without a dozen phone calls? So did we. Thumbtack's mission is to make it dramatically easier to hire services, at the same time empowering independent professionals to grow their businesses.The Blanch Law Firm has been providing top-rated criminal defense lawyers & white collar crime attorneys for years in the NYC metro area as well as all across the nation to our Los Angeles, California office. The Blanch Law FirmPreview by Thumbshots.com Thumbnail Screenshots by Thumbshots

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