Criminal Case Roundup continued…

The District Attorney Office of Queens County released on Friday September 18, the story of a store owner and one of his employees who are facing criminal charges for allegedly obtaining music through illegal means (free downloads) and selling it to others in USB devices and memory cards. Downloading music without paying and profiting from it, is illegal and categorized as a felony. The owner of the store (Evarista Cruz) if sentenced is looking at seven years behind bars while his employee Guevaras Rubi is looking at possibly four years. This may come as a shock to many as it is so easy for anyone to download music for free from different websites and phone applications with just the click of one button. However, ignorance is not bliss, and the government is determined to punish those who engage in any sort of criminal activities including something that looks as innocent as downloading music for free.
The war on drugs continues and the government seems to have the upper hand after recently cracking down on a heroin ring. There are currently twenty five defendants in the case who were allegedly involved in the buying and selling of heroin mostly in Brooklyn and Queens. According to the Kings Country District Office, a mother and her children (all adults) were in charge of this heroin ring. Among the accused is also a man who was working for the court system. This may be DA Thompson and Police Commissioner Bratton’s way to let the public know they are not waving the flag in the fight against drugs.

Schemes seem to be a growing industry in the country. Seven people have recently been charged with conducting a market manipulation scheme. Sources say a man by the name of Jason Galanis conspired with six other people and somehow made money by having investors buy his shares rather than Gerova stocks. It is believed the scheme was conducted for about two years and that Galanis and his associates gained millions of dollars from it. Among the accused was also an investment advisor who like other advisors was compensated for investing their clients’ money into Galanis’ stocks.

Does the old, “you hit the jackpot” scam still work? Well, apparently it does. Three people are being accused of scamming the elderly by contacting them over the phone and telling them they hit the motherload. According to the source, the victims were sending these people money under the illusion that they were paying the fees that come with winning the lottery. So before claiming any prizes or sending out any money, check your numbers!

And the fraud continues… an employee of well-known life insurance company, Progressive, is being accused of Grand Larceny. Sources say the employee was taking money that was meant for life insurance policies and spending it on other parts of the company. Numerous government agencies worked together to investigate the matter but nothing has been concluded as the accused is awaiting trial. The beauty of a legal system that calls for due process.

Not even Judges are safe. A paralegal who worked out of a midtown law office is being accused of forging the signatures of several Judges. It seems the accused was allegedly faking the signatures of Judges in documents regarding settlement claims. The amount of people affected by this or financial damage that it may have caused is unknown. You would think someone who works for the legal system would know better… But the employee is still innocent unless proven otherwise.

In similar September criminal news, the CEO of an energy company is being accused of fraud for trying to send millions of dollars into bank accounts outside of the country to avoid paying taxes. It is believed the man was hiding the money by making it seem as though it was spent on other company expenses.

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