Criminal Defense Firm Expands Brooklyn and Southern California Practice

With our new office in Los Angeles, California we transport a little New York grit in our defense style throughout California, including Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The firm’s criminal defense legal team has been involved in criminal rights law in Brooklyn and the surrounding boroughs of New York City since it was founded. And 2008 is forecasted to mark a new plateau in the firm’s Brooklyn criminal defense practice at both the state and federal court levels. While the criminal firm maintains its flagship office in Manhattan’s Empire State Building, the criminal defense attorneys that comprise its defense force have been seeing a rising trend in high profile and white collar cases coming from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Offices. It is difficult to determine whether this change is attributable simply to word of mouth throughout King’s County about the firm’s criminal attorneys, or to the increased efforts of the Brooklyn DA and FBI investigative task forces cracking down on perceived organized and violent crime. In either event, while Manhattan will likely continue as the criminal defense firm’s epicenter of client activity, Brooklyn is swiftly taking over greater market share of its lawyers devotion and efforts. Contact the Firm’s Brooklyn Criminal Defense Attorneys.

In terms of massive defense litigation, the firm is currently defending an airline against allegations of participation in a price fixing scheme in violation of federal Antitrust laws. It is currently estimated that roughly 33% of the firm’s criminally accused clients will find themselves being defended by our criminal attorneys in a Brooklyn forum. Another criminal case, pending in the Eastern District of New York, brought by Brooklyn’s office of the U.S. Attorney’s Office — involving a yet to be indicted white collar criminal investigation– was defended by Ryan Blanch and his defense team, was recently dropped. The case involved an alleged international conspiracy to export stolen vehicles out of the United States. Brooklyn’s federal prosecutors were convinced to drop the investigation against the firm’s client after in-depth discovery and a meeting with Ryan Blanch in their Brooklyn offices. Contact Our Criminal Lawyers.

The Blanch Law Firm’s Brooklyn criminal practice is gaining traction throughout Kings County. The firm’s Brooklyn criminal defense lawyers give their best effort to achieve winning results for their clients. The firm defends criminal charges in Brooklyn ranging from money laundering, tax evasion, assault, attempted murder and wire fraud and mail fraud, to enterprise corruption, RICO charges, so called Russian Mafia theories of conspiracy, health care fraud, Medicare fraud and other forms of insurance fraud charges, mortgage fraud, weapons charges, federal drug crimes, computer crime, internet fraud, rape and credit card scams. Our Brooklyn criminal defense lawyers represent individuals and companies in all levels of criminal proceedings in Brooklyn. Some of these include, arraignment in Brooklyn criminal court and federal court, grand jury proceedings, criminal trials, bail source hearings, parole violations, hearings, including Huntley and Sandoval, and much more. Arrange a Consultation with a Criminal Lawyer.

The criminal defense lawyers of the firm defend their clients from criminal charges in Brooklyn and the surrounding boroughs. For a confidential, free Case Analysis over the computer, click here to email the criminal lawyers your details and criminal case information in your own words.

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