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    Author : The Blanch Law Firm May 20, 2014

    The Blanch Law Firm has represented celebrities, Foreign Corporations, Medical Facilities, Pharmaceutical Companies, Principals of Hedge Funds, Professional Athletes, Musical Artists, and members of alleged gambling and crime families in high stakes criminal investigations and cases in Federal Court as well as New York State court. Ryan Blanch focuses primarily on complex white collar and federal criminal litigation in New York and across the east and west coasts. Mr. Blanch currently is in the process of defending an airline against civil charges for Antitrust Violations in which most every major carrier was included in a class action civil suit. Call (888) 8 BLANCH for a consultation with Ryan Blanch or one of our criminal lawyers.

    We handle federal criminal charges, investigations and cases including allegations of tax evasion, wire fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement, kidnapping, money laundering, homicide, conspiracy charges and recently obtained a dismissal of federal charges alleging that our client was part of an elaborate, global conspiracy to export stolen vehicles. We also defend against charges alleging violations of the Securities Laws under the Securities Act, bid rigging, health care fraud, insurance fraud and the like.

    Typically federal financial crimes include a charge of wire fraud or mail fraud. This is because it is often viewed as casting a wide net to allow prosecution of individuals believed to have used the wires or the mails in the furtherance of their crime. Wire and mail fraud charges do not need to be based primarily upon the use of the mail or wire to commit the fraud. It is enough that mail fraud or wire fraud was incidental to the objective of the crime.

    If there is ever a need for great criminal defense strategists and lawyers it's in the Federal court arena. Federal prosecutors typically do not even authorize an arrest until having undertaken a protracted and in depth investigation. Often defendants have already been indicted before they becoming aware that are were under criminal investigation. The sheer amount of resources at the disposal of the federal authorities, whether the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Marshalls, FBI, CIA or other federal arresting authority, are enormous. Some of these include wire taps, countless hours of visual surveillance and other covert evidence gathering techniques designed to legally skirt individual privacy rights under the constitution's fourth and fifth amendments. Their investigation will have been thorough and well organized.

    What then can even an experienced, aggressive federal criminal lawyer do then? The answer depends on the details of the case. But to begin, you will need a criminal justice advocate to devote the time and resources necessary to analyze the prosecutions case with a find toothed comb. A criminal law firm, usually focusing on white collar crime, willing to spend the time to really examine the case, will eventually find holes and inconsistencies. This is because no amount of planning on the part of the Federal prosecutor's office can avoid human error. You see it in FBI reports, civilian witness accounts and even audio transcription that turns out to be inaudible so that the transcriber had to literally guess what was actually being said. Civilian witness accounts in criminal investigations and criminal cases usually come from alleged co conspirators and criminals. Call (888) 8 BLANCH for a criminal lawyer consult about your case.

    In other words, the federal prosecutors are using people that they themselves believe to be dishonest, criminal types, to make their case against the defendant against whom the federal charges are pending. A devoted criminal lawyer who understands federal criminal procedure and the art of cross examination can dismantle those witnesses’ stories piece by piece in a criminal trial. If done effectively, the witness will be exposed for a cowardly liar willing to say anything to get his or her desired plea deal from the United States Attorneys' office, even if it means pointing the finger at you.

    Does this mean that if you hire a famous criminal lawyer or one of the truly great federal defense attorneys that you will win your case at trial? Of course not. A very, very small percentage of federal crimes ever make it to a jury. However, if the defense lawyer is dedicated to preparing for trial, the case, if there are holes, will fall apart. At that point we strive to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the case or to give our client a favorable plea deal. We have had numerous cases dismissed in this way.

    In other words, it is a misconception to suggest that by hiring the best criminal lawyer for your federal case you will obtain a dismissal. We will however, strive to get you the best result possible before and during trial. By focusing on the federal trial during all aspects of the criminal case we obtain the best possible result for our clients.

    For more information, please visit our Federal Crimes page.

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