NYC marijuana possession will now lead to a ticket – not an arrest

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton announced on Monday that getting caught with less than 25 grams of marijuana in NYC will result in a ticket and not an arrest as of November 19.

No arrest – no criminal violation – no record….just a ticket and a $100 fine for first-time offenders. A second offense within three years can trigger another summons and a  $250 fine.

Any amount over 25 grams could result in a misdemeanor charge subject to arrest.  Smoking any amount of marijuana will result in a misdemeanor charge subject to arrest.

Mayor de Blasio, who vowed to make changes to long-standing stop-and-frisk tactics, says ““Blacks and Latino communities have been disproportionately affected,” says the new policy will be more fair and will restore faith in the criminal system.

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