Distribution and Manufacturing

The Blanch Law Firm possesses a unique ability to defend any individual charged with the drug crimes of drug distribution and drug manufacturing. Our highly skilled drug crimes lawyer team will aggressively and successfully, defend you from all drug distribution charges and drug manufacturing charges.

The Blanch Law Firm is a results-drivenjh group of highly skilled criminal defense attorneys who understand how to Defend Drug Charges. Our criminal defense law firm assigns five or more members of our drug crimes lawyer team to every drug crimes case, assuring a comprehensive review and the best possible result for the client. Our successful track record of defending drug crimes is well respected throughout the legal community.

For example: Police raided our client’s house and recovered enough drugs to charge the defendant with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree. The Blanch Law Firm got the charges against our client dismissed.

Our client’s vehicle was searched by the police and a large cache of narcotics was discovered. Our client was charged with four different counts of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree. The case was dismissed as grounds for the search were determined to be illegal.

Distribution and Manufacturing Charges are far more complex than simple possession charges and require the skill of an experienced drug crimes lawyer.

At The Blanch Law Firm, our unique criminal defense attorney team is comprised of drug crimes lawyers who spent years in District Attorneys’ Offices.

Few, if any, criminal defense law firms can offer the top-notch drug crimes lawyer teams available at The Blanch Law Firm. Contact us today.

Protecting Your Rights After a Drug Bust

Few individuals understand what their rights are when the police charge them with drug distribution. Our drug crimes lawyer team possesses an incredible legal knowledge, as well as the skill to effectively defend you from any narcotics distribution or narcotics manufacturing charge.

We defend people accused of:

  • Operating a marijuana grow house
  • Operating a crystal meth lab
  • Manufacturing heroin, cocaine or other serious drugs
  • Distribution of chemicals used for manufacturing narcotics
  • Any other drug manufacturing charges

Defending drug crimes involves knowledge, experience, skill and an aggressive defense style. Drug crimes lawyers who understand how to analyze police procedure in collecting evidence, the weight of the drugs confiscated, the stage in which the materials were confiscated and so forth are important.

Contact The Blanch Law Firm today to for a premier drug crimes lawyer team to defend you against drug distribution and drug manufacturing charges.

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