Diamond Fraud – Schemes & Criminal Defense

The Blanch Law Firm has top-rated criminal defense lawyers, who can represent those charged with any crime in a diamond fraud scheme. These can include crimes such as altering certificates, forging documents, or issuing bad checks. The firm also represents those charged in the manipulation of diamonds, from fake diamonds and flaw concealment, to radiation color treatment. We can also help those charged with bait-and-switch, misrepresentation, and switching.

  • Altering Certificates – altering or counterfeiting diamond grading certificates.
  • Bait-and-Switch – a scam outlawed by the Federal Trade Commission, this is when a jeweler or jewelry store advertises a diamond at a great price, only to claim it was sold when you arrive. They usually offer to show you something much more expensive.
  • Bad Checks – using or issuing a check that isn’t valid or legal in the purchase and sale of diamonds. Related crimes include altered checks, forging checks, counterfeit checks.
  • Fake Diamonds – the development and sale of imitation diamonds, aka simulants, then represented and sold as real diamonds at much higher values.
  • Flaw Concealment – hiding the flaws of a diamond upon selling it by changing the setting of the diamond.
  • Forged Documents – using a false document, signature or other imitation to deceive someone. Documents can include legal contracts, identification cards, and certificates.
  • Misinformation – providing misinformation about diamond characteristics.
  • Misrepresentation – false representation of a diamond’s clarity and color grade, more than the one clarity difference the Federal Trade Commission allows.
  • Radiation Color Treatment – exposing off-color stones to radiation, and not properly representing them as “treated stones”.
  • Switching – stone switching where a customer takes a valuable, but dirty or damaged, diamond in for repair and a jeweler replaces the diamond with a similarly sized but less quality stone.

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