At The Blanch Law Firm, our White Collar Attorney team successfully defends clients against bribery charges on both the state and federal courts. Our background with government investigations and knowledge of bribery law give our clients the white collar defense team they need to stay out of prison and free from fines.

Our white collar attorney team has a results-driven approach to defending white collar bribery cases; this involves assigning multiple defense attorneys to every case. Our sophisticated defense technique assures a comprehensive view of the case, as well as the best result possible for our client.

For example, our successful white collar case results include: Our client was accused of enterprise corruption as well as grand larceny in the 1st degree, amongst other charges, revolving around a massive multi-stage fraud where the state of New York incurred losses of over $5 million. Our client was exposed to criminal penalties that could require a sentence that could exceed 25 years in jail. The Blanch Law Firm was able to secure a non-jail disposition that required only a civil penalty and a brief period of probation. Our client was accused of embezzling $188,000 from their employer. If they were convicted at trial they would have received a disposition that required at least one year in jail. The Blanch Law Firm was able to secure a disposition that required the client to spend no time in jail.

In order for any white collar attorney to adequately represent someone charged with a bribery charge, they must have an intimate knowledge of Title 18 of the United States Penal Code, specifically Sections 201 through 219. These statutes outline federal bribery charges, detail bribery law and explain how they are prosecuted. If you are convicted of a bribery charge, your penalty will depend upon the amount alleged in the charge, as well whether it is a state or Federal White Collar Charge. A bribery conviction can easily net you up to ten years in prison, tens of thousands of dollars in fines, as well as probation and other restrictions. The Blanch Law Firm’s white-collar defense attorneys have over fifty years of combined experience, much of which was spent in various New York District Attorneys’ Offices. We possess a unique understanding of prosecution tactics, as well as a keen knowledge of how judges, bribery trials and government investigations operate.

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