Ryan Blanch interviewed by Forbes on Facebook “Emotional Testing” Experiment

Ryan Blanch was recently interviewed by Forbes.com for a feature on Facebook’s “Emotional Testing” Experiment:

Blanch agrees telling me that Facebook is doing what every major corporation has done since the invention of ‘market research’. “The only difference is that consumers of social media are giving the corporations that run the space way more personal information to work with,” he adds. He then cautioned consumers “You can’t give a corporation a hall pass to your mind and expect them to behave as anything other than a corporation.”

At the end of the day boys and girls this is about business; about money. Facebook is in business to make money of course. And being a public company they are, as Blanch so eloquently puts it, “has a greater duty to its shareholders than it does to its consumers who have waived most rights to complain by accepting the terms and conditions.”

You can view the full article here. 



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