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At the Blanch Law Firm, we specialize in criminal litigation and government investigations and we have successfully represented clients in white-collar crimes cases throughout the country.  Our white collar criminal defense attorneys are experienced in handling:

  • all major felonies,
  • government investigations;
  • criminal litigation in federal and state jurisdictions; and
  • criminal appeals, both federal, and state.

Our firm consists of four (4) divisions which can guide our strategy and help us identify issues in order to customize a criminal defense plan for you.  

These divisions include the: (1) White Collar Crimes; (2) Drug and Violent Crimes; (3) Industry and Corporate Clients; and (4) Professional and High Profile Individuals.

If you have been charged with a white collar crime or have been notified that you are under investigation due to an allegedly fraudulent claim and are concerned about potential liability, call the Blanch Law Firm at (212) 736-3900.

What are “White Collar Crimes?”

“White collar crime” refers to nonviolent offenses that involve dishonesty and deceit.  

White collar crimes typically involve financial crimes, cyber crimes, identity theft, health care fraud, insurance fraud, fraud in commercial matters and other nonviolent offenses.

Individuals and entities typically commit these types of fraud in order to obtain money, property, services, or some personal benefit or business advantage.  Motives for white collar crimes can also stem from the fear of losing money or escaping criminal liability.

The issues for individuals involved in white collar crimes can be extensive and even relatively minor charges can involve:

  • losing your license to practice;
  • getting banned from your industry;
  • losing investment capital in your business;
  • prevent others from investing capital in the future;
  • temporary forfeiture of your personal and business assets;
  • ultimate seizure of any money and assets used in or derived from a crime.

Case Results: “White Collar Crimes” Division of the Blanch Law Firm

While prior results do not guarantee future outcomes, our white collar crimes division has developed a proven track record of success in defending our clients.

Since being founded in 2003, our white collar criminal defense team has been able to develop relationships with government agencies and local prosecutors around the country.

More importantly, our criminal defense team consists of attorney’s who were once prosecutors themselves.

Having former prosecutors on our criminal defense team means that we understand the processes and procedures of government agencies and district attorneys undertake when developing a case against you.

Being familiar with these agencies allows us to challenge the evidence and procedures they use to weaken their case and ultimately receive the most favorable outcome for you.

  • Major Airline Carrier Successfully Defended By the Blanch Law Firm In Antitrust Price Fixing Investigation: A major airline carrier was successfully defended by The Blanch Law Firm in a massive federal case involving air cargo price-fixing.  In one of the largest criminal antitrust investigations in U.S. history, other defendants plead guilty, had executives sent to prison, and paid more than $1.7 billion in fines; our client pleads not guilty and was successfully defended.
    • Charge: Antitrust Price-Fixing
    • Facing: 19 executives have been charged with wrongdoing – four have gone to prison – and 21 airlines have coughed up more than $1.7 billion in fines.
    • Result: No criminal charges filed against our client.
  • Fortune 500 Company Charged with Issuing and Receiving “Kickbacks”:Our client was an officer at a Fortune 500 medical supply company. Our client was under investigation for issuing and receiving kickbacks as payment for securing contracts to equip medical facilities overseas. Because of the efforts of the attorneys at The Blanch Law Firm, no arrest, or indictment was made and the investigation was closed.
    • Charge: Kickbacks at a Fortune 500 company.
    • Facing: Over 15 years in prison.
    • Result: No charges filed; case closed.
  • Jury Acquits Currency Trader of Money Laundering Charges: Our client was charged by federal prosecutors with money laundering for allegedly transferring proceeds abroad using a currency arbitrage platform.  A jury found our client not guilty of money laundering after a two-year-long defense.
    • Charge: Money Laundering
    • Result: Not Guilty
  • Federal Criminal Money Laundering – Overseas Bank: Our client was accused of money laundering by the United States Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan. We defended the white-collar criminal charges over the course of 2 1/2 years. The department of justice via the Federal Bureau of Investigation—FBI—had been investigating our client for alleged money laundering via a Russian bank having offices in New York. The government had seized our client’s computers, monitored his online correspondence with alleged co-conspirators and arrested two of them who they turned into cooperating witnesses to testify as to our client’s role in a series of bank and ATM fraud transactions that the federal prosecutors labeled an international conspiracy to launder stolen bank funds to Russia.  Our criminal law specialists, headed by the firm’s managing partner, Ryan Blanch, fought the charges for nearly three years. After rejecting several plea offers, the client chose to go to trial to assert his innocence. After a lengthy trial, the jury deliberated and then announced their verdict: “Not Guilty.”
    • Charge: Federal Criminal Money Laundering
    • Result: Not guilty
  • Embezzlement: Our client was accused of embezzling an amount that was valued at over $50,000.00 but less than $1 million dollars from their employer. After the attorneys for the Government finished with a meeting with the attorneys at The Blanch Law Firm, they personally apologized to our client and all criminal charges were dropped.
    • Charge: Embezzling more than $50,000 from the accused’s employer.
    • Facing: Up to 15 years in prison.
    • Result: All criminal charges dismissed (+ apology from the prosecution.)
  • Federal Case Against Marketing CEO:  21 defendants were charged in a criminal conspiracy case involving conspiracy, money laundering and human trafficking.  Our client’s case was dismissed.
    • Charge: Conspiracy, Money Laundering, & Human Trafficking
    • Result: Case dismissed

What Makes the Blanch Law Firm Different From Other Criminal Defense Firms?

Our founding partner, Ryan Blanch, has been recognized as a “Super Lawyer” and “Rising Star” by Thomson Reuters from 2014-2017 and was recently named as one of the “Top 100 Trial Attorneys – National Trial Lawyers,” by Superlawyers.  

These recognitions are extended only to the select few of the most qualified attorneys from each state who demonstrate superior qualifications of leadership, reputation, influence, and public profile.   Only 5% of lawyers per state are named as a “Superlawyer” each year and only 2.5% lawyers per state can hold the honor of “Rising Star”.

What Makes “White Collar Crimes” Different Than Other Crimes?

Charges related to white collar crimes do not require the application or threat of physical force of violence.

Since charges related to white collar crimes do not require proof that you acted with force or threats of violence, prosecutors rely on proving your liability through “intent.”

Your “intent” is an important element, and it’s presence can make all the difference on a prosecutor’s decision to move a case forward.

How Do Prosecutors Prove Your “Intent?”

In order to be found guilty of a white-collar crime, prosecutors must prove that you intended or attempted to:

  • commit a crime;
  • conceal a crime; or
  • commit an act “in furtherance of” a crime.

Many legitimate business people often unintentionally engaged in criminal activity.

In these cases, prosecutors struggle to gather the evidence needed to prove whether or not the offender actually had the requisite intent to be convicted of a crime.  

If prosecutors fail to prove your intent, you should not be convicted of a white collar crime.

How Do Cases Get Dismissed?

Cases come down to the evidence, not the allegations.

If the prosecutor determines that there is insufficient evidence to prove that you intended or attempted to commit, conceal, or further the white collar crime, there is a good chance that they will be forced to dismiss the case against you.  

Charges may also be dismissed for other various legal contingencies which your lawyer will need to address throughout the case.

The Prosecutorial Burden – “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”

It is up to prosecutors to prove your guilt, “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

This is a heavy burden for prosecutors to bear because even the slightest bit of doubt as to your intent to commit the crime or involvement in the fraudulent activity can warrant a not guilty verdict.

Government agencies will often need to initiate criminal investigations to determine whether or not you should be charged with a crime.

Conducting Internal Investigations on Your Behalf

Police and prosecutors are primarily concerned with building a case against their suspect, not in finding the evidence that would exonerate them or prove their innocence.  

Our attorney’s play an essential role in helping our clients gather and organize the necessary documents, records, and evidence needed to prove their innocence.

“White collar crime” cases are complex.

Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in complex white collar crime cases throughout the country and we know that proving your innocence may require that we conduct an internal investigation on your behalf in order to rebut prosecutor’s evidence.

If you have been charged with a white collar crime or have been notified that you are under investigation due to an allegedly fraudulent claim and are concerned about potential liability, call the Blanch Law Firm at (212) 736-3900.

What Are the Top “White Collar Crimes” Charged in the U.S.?

The top white collar crimes involve “dishonesty and deceit” in order to gain a “personal benefit.” The most common white collar crimes charges include:

Top “White Collar Crimes” in the U.S.
Conspiracy RICO Act Charges (Federal)
Obstruction Enterprise Corruption (State)
Accounting Fraud Health Care Fraud
Investment Fraud Auto Insurance Fraud
Bank Fraud Workers Compensation Fraud
Credit Card Fraud SEC Violations
Blackmail Insider Trading
Bribery Deceptive Trade Practices
Counterfeiting Broker-Dealer Liability
Money Laundering Ponzi Schemes
Extortion Illegal Finders Fees
Forgery Lottery Ticket Schemes
Mail Fraud Gambling Organizations
Wire Fraud Cyber Crimes/Internet Crimes/Computer Crimes
Real Estate Fraud Multi-level Marketing Scams


To discover a more in depth view of these crimes and how to defend against them, visit our Practice Areas:

Top Defenses to White Collar Crimes

At the Blanch Law Firm, our goal is to present your case in a way that negates key elements of the statute you are being accused of violating.

Below are some of the most successful arguments we have used to negate key elements of white collar crimes and prove our client’s innocence:

  • You did not have the requisite intent. Almost every white collar crime requires that the prosecution prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you intended to engage in or conceal a fraudulent scheme, or that you had knowledge that the fraud would be carried out.  Therefore, in addition to proving that you actually committed a criminal act, prosecutors must prove that you carried out this criminal act with the requisite intent.
  • You were a “marginal player” in the grand scheme of the crime.  “Marginal players” are legitimate business owners who unknowingly or unintentionally help carry out the a crime.  These individuals do not share the same fraudulent or criminal intent as those who are in charge of orchestrating the scheme.  However, regardless of their overall knowledge of the scheme, these marginal players are often charged as equal participants in the crime, even if they have never so much as met the individuals in charge of orchestrating the scheme.  Having an experience and nationally recognized defense attorney can help prove your case that you were simply a “marginal player” in the grand scheme of the crime and you did not share the requisite intent to be convicted.

Discover How the White Collar Division of the Blanch Law Firm Can Help You

Our focus is your freedom. At the Blanch Law Firm, our diverse team of attorneys has been recruited from top-ranked national law firms, Ivy league schools and prosecutors’ offices around the country.

We offer our clients the ability to work with experienced white collar criminal defense attorneys who will work with you to help you avoid probation, fines, and imprisonment.

If you have been charged with a white collar crime or have been notified that you are under investigation due to an allegedly fraudulent claim and are concerned about potential liability, call the Blanch Law Firm at (212) 736-3900.

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