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Who We Are

“They were totally dedicated to my case, and were willing to work all hours of the day and night, including over holidays in one instance, to ensure the best possible outcome.” – Testimonial
The heart of our firm is a team of four dedicated, intelligent, and talented criminal defense attorneys. We hail from Ivy League Law Schools, top-ranked national law firms, and prosecutors’ offices.  With a focus on white-collar investigations and complex criminal cases, we have successfully handled criminal cases brought by the DOJ, SEC, and U.S. attorneys’ offices, as well as internal investigations involving financial crimes, price fixing, attempted murder, Ponzi schemes, money laundering, securities violations, so-called crime cartels involving alleged insurance fraud organizations, gambling rings and conspiracies nationwide. The Blanch Law Firm in New York City We are the proud recipients of numerous prestigious honors in the legal community, including the Super Lawyers distinction, Avvo’s “Client Choice”, The American Registry of Excellence “Top Attorney” list, and Martindale-Hubbell’s AV “Preeminent” Rating. Our individual histories can be found in detail on our biographies, linked above.  However, when you retain our firm, you are retaining all four of us.  We pride ourselves on our ability to operate as “one brain” in our collaborative approach, essentially providing the services of four lawyers for the price of one.

Our Firm Structure

While working at a traditional “BigLaw” firm, Managing Partner Ryan Blanch noticed that even though he worked with hundreds of lawyers, each case was ultimately handled by a small team. This gave him the vision for the kind of boutique practice wherein a small group of attorneys could function as one unit.  A downsized firm would mean a downsized case-load, allowing every client to receive the kind of custom-tailored, attentive service that a criminal matter demands. The Blanch Law Firm is the realization of that vision.  Our tight-knit team of criminal defense attorneys contribute their wide ranging backgrounds and diverse skill-sets to a shared workforce.
“Each team member’s background hails from a different side of the criminal justice system, making our collaborative effort uniquely essential to our success.”  – Ryan Blanch, Managing Partner
With the support of paralegals, secretaries, and legal assistants who share our philosophy, we ensure that our meticulous standards of excellence carry through every detail of your case. Also armed with a trusted network of investigators, experts, and resources, we are fully stocked with the tools necessary to guarantee the consistent top notch service we’re known for.

What Sets us Apart

  • Four lawyers operating as “one brain”
  • Diverse backgrounds
  • Intentionally limited case load
  • Office-wide familiarity with each case
  • Treating our clients as part of our family
Because each of our criminal defense attorneys develop an intimate understanding of every case, you can always expect your questions and concerns to be promptly met with comprehensive assistance and knowledgeable counsel. The Blanch Law Firm in NYC

Our Client Relationships

Ultimately, we understand that you are likely facing the greatest challenge of your life.  Our criminal defense attorneys are incredibly sensitive to the fear, uncertainty, confusion, and stress of your predicament. From corporate billionaires, to celebrities, to working class citizens, we have worked with clients from all walks of life.  Some of our clients are wrongly accused, others suffer from mental challenges, and many are facing the threat of excessive penalties. We understand that people make mistakes and we believe in second chances.  We also understand that the criminal justice system can turn a blind eye to the emotional realities and real life motivations of the accused. To us, you are not a statistic.  You are a real person and your life matters.  When we get behind your case, you become a part of our family, and we fight for you accordingly.

When you are fighting criminal charges, you need to know you have a team behind you every step of the way. 

We encourage our clients to come to us with all of their questions and concerns throughout every stage of the process.  Our criminal defense attorneys know that you need answers in real time, and we pride ourselves on being available as frequently as you need us. You can rest assured that with our lawyers on your side, you will never feel that you are facing even the smallest detail of your case alone.

Our Investment in Your Freedom

Of all the legal matters you could be faced with, there is nothing more high stakes than a criminal charge. How your case is handled has lifelong consequences to your individual liberties.  You could be facing excessive fines, jail time, or worse.  We know that as concerned as you are about your own future, you are all too aware of the ripple effect your outcome will have on the people you love.
“With each client you help, you change the world.”  – Fabienne Fredrickson
We take the responsibility you entrust us with very seriously.  Knowing the work we do affects not only your life, but the lives of your family members and your community at large gives us the sustained focus and determination we need to deliver the results you deserve. Our collective passion for justice led each of our individual paths to the shared practice of criminal defense law.  That passion motivates our diligent analysis of your story, our persistent investigation of your circumstances, and our relentless pursuit of your best possible outcome. Too many people are punished for crimes they didn’t commit, and many more face penalties that far outweigh the severity of their wrongs.  Fighting to ensure our clients escape these risks is our contribution to a better justice system.

Valuing Your Resources

Hiring the right criminal defense attorney is perhaps the most important financial decision you will ever make. Yet we understand that defending a lawsuit is expensive, and often incredibly challenging for our clients and their families. That is why we are dedicated to handling every aspect of your case as efficiently and expediently as possible.

You can trust that we respect your investment and use it to your best advantage.

Our team structure allows us to pack an incredible amount of progress into every minute we spend on your behalf.  By working together to formulate strategies, identify problems, and brainstorm solutions, we are able to stretch the value of your investment as far as it will go.

Saving You Time

As inherently difficult as it is to face criminal charges, one of the hardest parts of the process is not knowing what’s going to happen. Our clients often feel that their lives are on hold while they count down the days until their next court appearance.  The uncertainty can strain marriages, burden children and jeapardize careers.  Not to mention the toll it takes on self esteem to feel at the mercy of the court system and powerless to make your own decisions. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is full of delays, and it can take years before a matter is ultimately resolved. This is yet another reason why we are dedicated to expedience.  You shouldn’t wait a minute longer than is absolutely necessary to put this stressful time behind you.

When you know the problem you’re dealing with, you have the power to solve it.

The sooner your matter is resolved, the sooner you can start rebuilding your life and reputation.  Whatever the outcome, the finality of resolution puts the power back in your hands to make the best of your circumstances. We are willing to be as patient as we need to be to get you the best possible result, and we will encourage you to have faith and perseverance when we know it’s in your best interests. But we understand that even the slightest procrastination on your attorney’s part could mean a world of stressful delays for you.  Our boutique structure and small case load allow us to act on every task the minute it comes in, so that your case is resolved as soon as the justice system allows.

Experience in the Legal Community

Success in the legal world depends on a number of factors.  Witness statements, physical evidence, and persuasive arguments will be employed by both sides, and outcomes will depend on the strength of each, the relevant laws, as well as the specific circumstances of each case. With that said, preparing the strongest possible trial strategy is largely a matter of knowing how to work with the right people. Gathering the necessary evidence involves knowing where to find it and how to get it.  Crafting a powerful defense entails anticipating how the other side thinks.  And reaching a favorable resolution as efficiently as possible requires strong interpersonal skills, an excellent reputation in the community, and an understanding of how the relevant entities function.

Knowing how to command respect means knowing how to achieve results.

Our criminal defense attorneys know their way around the court system.  We have extensive experience working with U.S. Department of Justice, The U.S. Secret Service, The U.S. Postal Inspection, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, state regulatory agencies and local law enforcement. In addition, we have over fifteen years of combined experience working on the prosecution side, giving us the intimate understanding needed to successfully negotiate with prosecutors and to contend with governmental power in the courtroom. In other words, we understand how prosecutors think because we were in their shoes.  We can anticipate their strategies, identify their weaknesses, and tailor our approach accordingly. Knowing how to deal with the prosecution means knowing how to identify the risks and opportunities inherent in your specific circumstances. It might mean negotiating the best possible plea deal, or it might mean preparing a winning trial strategy. Whatever the best course of action for you, our criminal defense attorneys are uniquely qualified to identify and implement it on your behalf.

Our Investigatory Efforts

Ultimately, conviction in a criminal case comes down to evidence. Whether the prosecution has enough evidence to prove you committed the crime is out of our control.  However, in our criminal justice system, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That is why we place so much importance on our investigatory efforts. From the moment you retain us, our criminal defense attorneys will spring into action on your behalf.  We know that time is of the essence when it comes to investigating a crime, and we waste no time uncovering every potential avenue to your freedom.

By immediately gathering every possible piece of contradictory evidence, we are able to introduce reasonable doubt into the prosecution’s arguments.

Whether it’s video surveillance footage, email records, bank statements, or fingerprints, our immediate concern is to identify and preserve any evidence we might be able to use to establish your innocence. Our long-standing relationships with investigatory agencies and well established protocols enable us to act quickly and effectively in obtaining time-sensitive information. Moreover, our intentionally limited case load allows us to provide a unique level of thoroughness in our investigatory efforts from the start.

Our Trial Strategy

The law is complicated, and the facts of a case can be incredibly complex.  Ultimately, however, it is not a judge or team of legal experts that decide your fate.  It is a jury of your peers. Trying a case before a jury presents attorneys with a greater challenge than connecting the nuances of your case to the relevant legal complexities.  To succeed at a criminal trial, your lawyer must persuade people who have little to no legal background. This starts with the challenge of making those people understand something they may find confusing, boring, or both. To do that effectively, a good lawyer has to tell a story the jury can relate to and understand.  He must comprehend the facts and law so well that he can present his argument simply and clearly, in a way that makes it seem obvious to the jury. By taking the time to become experts on every detail of your case, we develop such a thorough understanding that we can respond to whatever challenges are presented in the courtroom with confidence and persuasion.
“A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.”  – Robert Frost
Because our lawyers know we need to advocate for you in a language the jury understands, we spend the time necessary to think through your case from the jury’s perspective. But our goal goes further than making the jury understand.  Our intention is to make the jury care as much about your freedom as we do.

Assisting You Through Crisis

We know that when deciding on a criminal defense attorney, it is most important to find the firm best equipped to protect your rights. Our criminal defense attorneys are chiefly focused on generating the best possible outcome for you.  Your freedom is our number one priority, and we take a no-nonsense approach in keeping you informed and engaged through every step of the process. Yet while we always put your results first, we see that so much of what we do is about supporting you through your darkest hour. Maybe there are details of your case that you’re too embarrassed to discuss with your loved ones.  Perhaps personal challenges, such as mental health issues, addictive patterns, compulsive behaviors, infidelity, or financial mismanagement feel insurmountable.  Or maybe you’re just very understandably struggling to cope with the stress of your situation.
“I never felt as their client, but as their friend.”  -Testimonial
Our criminal defense attorneys are more than just legal advocates.  We are kind-hearted, compassionate individuals driven by the desire to help others and motivated to alleviate suffering.  We pride ourselves on making sure every client feels heard, understood, and supported throughout every step of the process. Where your challenges are beyond our expertise, we will direct you to appropriate  resources.  Ultimately, our goal is to escort you through every step of this difficult process.  We work with people in your position all day, every day, and we know how hard it is to be in your shoes.
“Ryan is professional and intelligent, but more importantly he is honest and caring. He told me he would handle everything….and he did.”  -Testimonial

Next Steps

If you think our firm may be a fit for you, the best way to find out for sure is to contact us for a risk-free consultation. We will go over the facts of your case with you in detail, provide our assessment of your options, and answer your questions. Whatever your circumstances, we wish you the best of luck in resolving them, and hope we can be of assistance.

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