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Verona man admits role in attack on Church

In January 2008, Online Hackers launched a massive attack on the Church of Scientology’s websites, forcing the church to hire computer security experts to reinstate its online presence.

In the end, only one person, 19-year-old Dmitriy Guzner, of Verona, has admitted playing a role in the cyber assault. On Wednesday, three days before his 20th birthday, Guzner is expected to be sentenced by Judge Joseph A. Greenaway Jr. in federal court in Newark. Guzner, who has pleaded guilty to “unauthorized impairment of a protected computer,” faces up to 2 1/2 years in prison and nearly $119,000 in fines.

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Federal Case Against Marketing CEO Dismissed

21 defendants were charged in a criminal conspiracy case involving conspiracy, money laundering and human trafficking.  Our client’s case was dismissed.

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Engineer Charged by the FBI with Stealing Corporate Trade Secrets

The Blanch Law Firm successfully represented a former engineer for a top global medical technology corporation charged with stealing trade secrets from his employer.

The maximum potential penalty for the theft of trade secrets charge is 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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Blanch Wins Insanity Defense: Attempted Murder

Kevin Davy pleaded guilty yesterday to attempted murder of Harris and his partner, Detective Dominick Romano in the attack in Queens Village.

Under the terms of his plea deal, Davy will be committed to a state mental health facility. A court-mandated psychologist determined that Davy was suffering from paranoid delusions and was not criminally responsible for his actions by reason of mental defect, defense lawyers said.

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Saudi Air Argues Immunity In Price-Fixing Suit

“[Attorneys for SAA] . . . said that while the plaintiffs’ complaint alleges a myriad of violations of U.S. antitrust law and state and EU law, “conspicuous by its absence from this massive tome is any allegation that Saudia . . . is subject to the jurisdiction of this court . . . .  SAA is represented in the case by The Blanch Law Firm”

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Cop-shooter ruled insane

A Queens cop wounded in a shootout with a Delusional Gunman recounted the harrowing incident Thursday, as his attacker was deemed too mentally unstable to serve jail time

“He stood over me with a loaded shotgun,” Detective David Harris told Queens Supreme Court Justice James Griffin. “I had no choice but to draw my weapon. I didn’t know where I was shooting, I just knew where [his] shotgun was pointed – it was in my face.”

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Inside Bernie Madoff’s New Home… for the Next 150 Years

After being sentenced to the Maximum Life Term in prison, the Ponzi prince is headed to back to temporary jail. But soon he’ll be headed to federal prison, where one lawyer says “psycho” inmates could be waiting to stab him.

As the epically slimy financial swindler Bernie Madoff pled guilt this morning, even his attorneys seemed to agree he would be taking up a long, hard, and certainly permanent residency in the clink. Due to the sheer magnitude of his crime and the probable length of his sentence (150 years), Madoff won’t be headed to one of those cushy country-club lockups like the one where Martha Stewart spent five months knitting tea cozies. Presiding judge Denny Chin just revoked Madoff’s bail and banished him to await sentencing for up to three months at the Metropolitan Correction Center in Manhattan. From there, while it’s technically possible Madoff could end up in a maximum-security or “supermax” prison like Sing Sing, odds are he’s headed to a medium-security federal prison, somewhere within shouting distance of his $7 million Manhattan penthouse.

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A TriBeCa Caterer went on a $361,000 spending spree with his boyfriend’s credit card while the pair shared a love nest at the tony Ritz-Carlton – splurging on such goodies as spa treatments, personal shoppers and dog-walkers, prosecutors said yesterday.

Carl Butcho, 26, who runs the trendy TriBeCa Chef, allegedly passed himself off as the heir to a large fortune as he racked up bills on the corporate card of his beau, an Ernst & Young employee.

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US teen admits to ‘Anonymous’ DDoS attack on Scientology

A New Jersey man has admitted he participated in January’s high-profile cyber attack on the Church of Scientology that took its website offline and caused as much as $70,000 worth of damage.

Dmitriy Guzner, 18, of Verona, New Jersey, helped carry out the crippling distributed denial of service (DDoS) assault because he believed it furthered the goals of the anti-Scientology group “Anonymous,” to which he claimed to belong, according to court documents filed in federal court. He has agreed to plead guilty to a single felony charge of unauthorized impairment of a protected computer.

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“AMERICA’S Most Smartest Model” contestant Andre Birleanu, 25, may be America’s most ticked-off model.

The notoriously aggressive contestant of the VH1 show, which tests flighty models on their brains and their brawn, told Page Six that the cable network is responsible for “destroying” him.

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Two Indicted in Embezzlement Scheme – Case Dismissed

Two Indicted in Embezzlement Scheme (names and case withheld for confidentiality).

“Such egregious conduct warrants severe punishment,”

– Government Press Release, NY 2010

 “Case Dismissed

– Blanch Law Update, NY 2011

Hip Hop Artist cleared of all charges

Hip-hop star Maino, represented by The Blanch Law Firm, recently cleared of all charges of assault by alleged victim Mellanie Monroe. Cell phone footage obtained by The Blanch Law Firm proved Maino’s innocence.

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Criminals or Producers Gone Wild?

A DVD Purporting to show real footage of violent crimes including Shootings, Carjackings and Sexual Assault has the Internet buzzing, police investigating and critics outraged at reality filmmaking gone wild.

Producer Ousala Aleem, 25, says he has already sold more than 10,000 copies of “Criminals Gone Wild,” which reportedly contains raw and uncut footage of robberies, muggings, drive-by shootings and assaults.

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