The Blanch Law Firm has a long, successful track record of defending individuals against embezzlement charges, government investigations and other white collar crimes. Our skilled team of criminal defense attorneys employs a results oriented approach to defense, assigning five or more members of our White Collar Attorney team to every case we defend. This approach has helped our criminal defense firm win case after case, allowing our clients to continue living their lives without fear of imprisonment or heavy fines.

Our client was accused of Embezzling $188,000 from their employer. If they were convicted at trial they would have received a disposition that required at least one year in jail. The Blanch Law Firm was able to secure a disposition that required the client to spend no time in jail. Our client was charged with enterprise corruption and alleged to be the mastermind of a fraud worth over $5 million. The client faced severe criminal penalties with mandatory jail sentences as well as civil penalties and possible criminal forfeiture of property. The Blanch Law Firm was able to secure a disposition with no jail time.

According to New York Penal Law 155 and Title 18 of the United States Penal Code, embezzlement is defined as the misappropriation of items which a person has been entrusted. At The Blanch Law Firm, we work with executives, financial professionals, accountants and other professionals charged with, or being investigated for, felony embezzlement. Our White Collar Attorney team is made up of fierce trial lawyers with a successful track record of defending embezzlement charges and other white collar crimes. Employee Theft and Related Crimes have severe consequences which involve more than just jail time. In addition to huge fines and jail time, a conviction for embezzlement could ruin the career of any accountant, company officer, financial professional or any other type of employee. Our skill in defending high profile cases such as felony embezzlement and protecting our clients from such penalties has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the NY Post, FoxNews and other major media outlets.

If you are facing felony embezzlement charges, or any sort of investigation, Contact The Blanch Law Firm today at 212-736-3900. Our white collar attorney team is dedicated to protecting your freedom and your professional future.

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