Noteworthy Cases

Federal Case Against Marketing CEO
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Jury Acquits Currency Trader of Money Laundering Charges
Client was charged by federal prosecutors with money laundering for allegedly transferring proceeds abroad using a currency arbitrage platform. A jury … Read More

Hip Hop Artist Cleared of All Charges
Hip Hop star Maino, represented by The Blanch Law Firm, recently cleared of all charges of assault by alleged victim Mellanie Monroe. Cell phone… Read More

Charges Dropped Against Luxury Care Distribution Ring Member
A text-to-toke drug operation that used luxury cars to make home deliveries to yuppies. The modern-day drug delivery network, which pushed about $10,000 a day of club-favorite drugs… Read More

Prosecution: “Such Egregious Conduct Warrants Severe Punishment”. Case Dismissed
A claims adjuster for an insurance company has been charged for funneling company checks and keeping the proceeds … Read More

‘Everyone Wants a Piece of Spitzer Call Girl “Kristen”‘
Ashley Alexandra Dupre, also known as Governor Spitzer’s February 13 call girl “Kristen,” wanted to be famous. … Read More

Message from Our Founding Partner and NYC Criminal Lawyer, Ryan Blanch:

“Our ‘team approach’ is more than a simple mantra – it’s our framework for success. The Blanch Law Firm’s Criminal Defense Lawyers, consisting of former prosecutors and attorneys hailing from some of the nation’s best law schools, bring together top-level knowledge and experience to the defense of our clients.

Our philosophy is that maintaining a diverse team affords our clients the best possible criminal defense. Each team member’s background hails from a different side of the justice system, making our collaborative effort uniquely essential to our success. Above all else, we are criminal defense lawyers. The specific charge the government chooses to levy against our clients is not paramount in guiding our strategy as we believe a carefully crafted, unwavering defense is superior to a reactionary one.

NYC Criminal Defense Law Firm

A case comes down to evidence not allegations. While our firm touts an impressive roster of corporate and high profile clients, we treat all of our clients like high profile ones. We believe that every case deserves high-stakes, high profile treatment and that each of our clients should receive celebrity attention from their criminal attorneys. With this in mind, our law firm consists of three Divisions which can guide our strategy when identifying issues and formulating a customized criminal defense plan in each case.

These Divisions are separated into: (i) White Collar Crime, (ii) Professionals & High Profile Individuals, and (iii) Blue & Grey Collar Division which includes non-financial crimes such as violent and drug related charges and major felonies.

Our criminal trial team’s mission is to provide the best defense possible to each and every one of our clients. Together, we offer something unique – big-firm representation in a small-firm atmosphere. I am truly proud of our team, its reputation and record of success. Don’t take my word for it. Our case results, awards, and press recognition speak for themselves.” – Ryan Blanch, Founding Partner

The Blanch Law Firm focuses on criminal investigations and cases from New York to California. Our White Collar Criminal Division represents those accused of major felonies having a financial element to the crime charged. We have a great deal of experience defending Industry Clients as well as Professionals and High Profile people from criminal charges and in government investigations with our team of top-rated criminal lawyers and defense attorneys. Our Industry Clients comprise corporate entities. Since the firm’s inception we have successfully represented corporate and individual clients facing federal and state criminal charges running the gamut from money laundering, tax evasion and grand larceny to wire fraud, mail fraud, securities crimes and insurance fraud.

Our criminal lawyers possess vast experience in defending individuals from large felony cases in federal and state courts. We have successfully represented clients in a litany of drug trafficking cases, homicide and attempted murder charges, human trafficking and robbery charges to name a few. We have also defended clients facing both state and federal criminal drug charges (narcotics, cocaine, heroin, marijuana); ranging from distribution & manufacturing, possession, and drug sales & trafficking. You shouldn’t have to be a celebrity to have your criminal case receive outstanding attention from your legal team. We have built our reputation and earned our recognition and awards placing us among the best criminal defense attorneys by representing common people facing uncommon, difficult circumstances. The Blanch Law Firm also handles all other criminal defense matters, including immigration crimes, federal crimes, government investigations, drug trafficking crimes, and criminal appeals with top-rated NYC criminal lawyers & defense attorneys. Please view our full list of criminal practice areas. To speak to an attorney from The Blanch Law Firm regarding your specific charge or case, call 212-736-3900.

Our defense of Professionals & High Profile Individuals in criminal cases straddles both the White Collar and Non-White Collar Criminal Divisions. Whether our client is a celebrity accused of assault or homicide or an Options Trader accused of running a pay-to-play scheme, our attorneys work diligently to protect the individual from more than just a criminal conviction. Keeping the investigation or criminal case out of the media and/or employer’s purview is of paramount concern. Our criminal lawyers operating out of NYC and Los Angeles have represented doctors, lawyers and bankers and hedge fund principals, as well as celebrities including an award winning movie director, actors and models in a wide array of matters from assault to drug related offenses. We have successfully employed what we call media-mitigation tactics to minimize the potential for negative impact associated with unfavorable news coverage.

Our corporate clients have included companies in various industries including, but not limited to, Telecomm, Marketing, Airline, Software Development, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Import/Export as well as Gambling and Entertainment. Federal and state criminal prosecutors have roped our corporate clients into a myriad of white collar criminal allegations from running illegal operations involving counterfeiting and gambling, to market manipulation, bid rigging, trafficking in counterfeit goods and creating fraudulent investment vehicles as facades for Ponzi schemes. Defending companies can raise a separate host of concerns requiring a criminal law firm well versed in corporate compliance and due diligence issues. In some cases, federal prosecutors will seek to impute the entity with the collective knowledge of its key individuals even where no single individual has the requisite criminal intent. Compliance programs, such as Anti-Money Laundering protocols, initially created by our clients to obviate accidental wrong-doing are often later used by prosecutors as evidence against corporate defendants. As such, cases against corporations often have a unique element of concern that are best handled by experienced corporate crime counsel.

Frequently Asked Questions

A warrant can only be cleared/vacated by a defendant’s appearance before a judge. The defendant must go to the central clerk’s office in the county where his/her case is being heard. The defendant must have the following information: full name and date of birth, or date of arrest, or docket number. Court calendars / Appearance lists / Alpha lists (Alphabetical list of defendants) are posted daily in the lobby of each courthouse. Defendants are listed by either docket number or name. If the defendant’s name does not appear on the calendar, go to the central clerk’s office.

If you missed your court date, Contact your attorney and report to the central clerk’s office in the borough your case was scheduled. To request a Certificate of Disposition bring the following items to the central clerk’s office in the county in which your case was filed: docket number, or defendant’s full name and date of birth, or date of arrest; picture I.D.; $10.00 (exact change only).

If requesting a disposition for a defendant who has a sealed case, you must attach a notarized letter from the defendant giving permission to release the disposition. Fines, Mandatory Surcharges and the Crime Victim Assistance Fee are paid according to the status of your case.

If you have an adjourned date to pay your fine or surcharge or crime victim assistance fee and you want to pay before the scheduled date, you can do so by going to the Clerk’s Office of the part where your case is pending. * If you have an adjourned date to pay your fine or surcharge or crime victim assistance fee, you must return to court on that date even if you do not have the money.

If you have not been assigned a court date on which to pay your fine, surcharge, crime victim assistance fee or you failed to report on your assigned date, report to the central clerk’s office.

If you paid the monies before your scheduled adjourned date, you do not have to return on that day. Generally bail money is returned to the owner once the case is concluded. A notice to release bail should be issued from the court room on the same day the court case is finished. There are no checks issued from the court.

If you haven’t received your bail money within four to six weeks from the last court date, contact NYC Finance Dept., 1 Centre Street Room 2200, New York, NY or call (212) 669-2879. A Certificate of Good Conduct can be requested at Police Headquarters, 1 Police Plaza, New York, N.Y. You must report to the above address with a passport or other form of photo identification, and a money order for $30.00 to cover the processing fee. To apply for a Certificate of Relief from Civil Disabilities, obtain a form from the central clerk’s office in the county in which your case was filed. The form must be completed, notarized, and returned. Your case then will be added to the daily calendar. You may be required to undergo a Probation investigation prior to a ruling on the request.

For information on bail bonds you may call 212-736-5170. It is best to pay bail at the correctional facility where the person is being held; however, bail may be paid at any of the following correctional facilities. For further information on inmates, bail, visiting hours, and travel directions call (718) 546-0700.

  • Bronx House of Detention 653 River Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451
  • Brooklyn House of Detention 275 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Manhattan House of Detention (The Tombs) 125 White Street, New York, NY 10013
  • Queens House of Detention 126-02 82nd Avenue, Queens, NY 11415
  • Riker’s Island 11-11 Hazen Avenue, East Elmhurst, NY 11370

A defendant can be released from the courtroom, if you post bail when the person actually appears before the court. Notify the court clerk of your intention to pay bail. The clerk will direct you to the cashier’s office in that county. An order is enforceable, in any state, even if it has not been entered onto the New York State Family Protection Registry. The federal Violence Against Women Act (18USC §2265) requires that each state give full faith and credit to orders of protection issued by courts of any state. If you have an order of protection from a state other than New York and wish to have it entered into the New York State Family Protection Registry, you may do so by bringing a copy of the order to any of the following New York City Criminal Court locations:

  • New York County 100 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013 | Room 134
    • Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    • Arraignment Office – evenings, holidays and weekends
  • Bronx County 215 East 161st Street, Bronx, NY 10451
    • Arraignment Office – Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. as well as evenings, holidays and weekends
  • Kings County 120 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn , NY 11210 | Room 510
    • Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    • Arraignment Office – evenings, holidays and weekends
  • Queens County 125-01 Queens Boulevard, Kew Gardens, NY 11415 | Room G-78
    • Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    • Arraignment Office – evenings, holidays and weekends
  • Richmond County 67 Targee Street, Staten Island, New York 10304 | Central Clerk’s Office (1st Floor)
    • Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

To obtain a copy of your Criminal History Report (rap sheet) report to one of the following:

  • Legal Action Center, 153 Waverly Place, New York, NY (212) 243-1313.
    • Requests for copies of Criminal History Reports (rap sheets) should be made on the last Monday of the month.
  • Police Headquarters, 1 Police Plaza, New York, NY and request an “Albany Package”.
    • At Police Headquarters you will be fingerprinted. There is a fee of $15.00 (money orders only) for fingerprinting. It is the responsibility of the person requesting the Criminal History Report (rap sheet) to send the fingerprints, the form provided in the “Albany Package”, and a money order for the processing fee to Albany.

No, family members are not entitled to visit a defendant while in police custody unless the defendant is a juvenile (under 16 years of age). To  contact a Criminal Defense Attorney call (888) 8 BLANCH.

The length of time between arrest and arraignment is usually 24 hours.

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The Blanch Law Firm is foremost a criminal defense firm that handles all types of criminal charges and offenses:

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The Blanch Law Firm is foremost a criminal defense firm that handles all types of criminal charges and offenses:


"I would like to thank you for your great job in getting my case finalized. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated. Please be assured that you and your firm will be recommended to my friends, family and associates."
– D.L.
"The attorneys at the Blanch Law Firm are outstanding. They were totally dedicated to my case, and were willing to work all hours of the day and night, including over holidays in one instance, to ensure the best possible outcome. They’re experienced, skillful and extremely well connected to the legal system. Bottom line, they get the job done."
– R.M.
"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You saved my son’s life."
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