Tax Fraud & Tax Evasion

The I.R.S. estimates tax crimes cost the federal government an average of $458 billion a year. As a result, they are targeting tax fraud and tax evasion more aggressively and frequently than before. If you are a target of the I.R.S. or New York State government for tax fraud or tax evasion, our experienced white collar criminal attorneys can help you.
Unfortunately, tax crimes can be charged with other crimes like Grand Larceny, or Falsifying Business Records, which can be aggregated and tried all at once, meaning defendants are looking at serious jail time if the government is successful in their lawsuit. It’s also possible to face both state and federal prosecution for a multitude of separate, but related crimes.
The Blanch Law Firm is well-equipped to handle daunting and complex cases for their clients charged with tax crimes. We have significant experience in defending both individuals and corporations in tax fraud investigations, all the way up through trying a case. Our attorneys understand both state and federal laws as they pertain to tax fraud, meaning we offer comprehensive and global defense to our clients.