Marijuana – is it criminal?

Laws are designed to change with the morals and values of society. Nothing is more true than when examining a history of criminal laws within the United States of America. This is seen most recently in the patchwork of laws developed concerning marijuana use across the country. States have different perspectives on medical marijuana, and […]

You just got arrested. Now what?

First – don’t panic. An arrest is not a conviction. One of the most important things you can do after you’ve been arrested is to stop talking. Do not talk to the police. Do not offer to give a statement. For any reason. The police will likely pressure you and say you are not cooperating, […]

What is ‘Stop and Frisk’?

A lot of talk has come up recently, in the political climate, of ‘Stop and Frisk.’ It sounds like a really good idea – in fact, you have probably seen some examples of what you think stop and frisk is on TV shows like COPS or Law & Order. But it probably isn’t what you […]

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need to hire an attorney for a simple crime, especially if I plan to plead guilty? In criminal matters, you should always at least speak with an attorney. First, an attorney will be able to advise you of every single option at your disposal, including the chance to negotiate a lighter sentence […]

Kidnapping – the most publicized crime?

In the United States, most jurisdictions define kidnapping as the abduction or unlawful transportation of someone. Kidnapping can actually occur if someone transports a victim even to another room or home, if it is against their will. Kidnapping is usually done in the commission of another crime, such as robbery, extortion or rape. Kidnapping crimes […]

How do I appeal a criminal charge?

When the verdict and sentenced are handed down on a defendant after their criminal appeal, you might think that they are shipped off to their respective prison cell, left alone to serve out their time as ordered. Sometimes that happens; however, very often, defendants who are convicted of crimes and sentenced will pursue an appeal. […]

The Collateral Damage of a Conviction

Getting convicted of a crime is terrible, in general. You have a criminal record. You might go to jail. You’ll probably owe a lot of money in court costs, attorney’s fees, and restitution or criminal fines. Those are the immediate and commonly-known after-effects of a criminal conviction. But there are also harsh collateral effects of […]

How to Act in a Traffic Stop

Given the recent and widely-publicized incidents of police violence against citizens involved in basic traffic stops, it would be helpful to educate yourself as much as possible on the legalities of traffic stops, as well as good advice on how to behave if you are stopped. First, before you can be stopped, a police officer […]