Paying for a Top Criminal Lawyer

Affording The Best Criminal Defense . . .

Before reading this you may want to read our article on why you cannot afford less than the best. Often times criminal defendants do not have the money or resources to pay for the best criminal defense attorney they can find. New York criminal lawyers are expensive, especially if they are going to give your criminal case their best effort. However, we’ve all heard the saying the best defense is priceless. Here are a few ways to afford the kind of service that you thought only the famous or wealthy could afford:

If You Own A Home

This is the best way to afford a top New York Criminal Defense Lawyer. If you own a home, the chances are that you can get a loan on your property that will give you the cash you need to pay for everything. If the bank will not give you a loan ask your criminal lawyer if he or she knows of any mortgage companies or lenders that are willing to finance the cost of defending the criminal charge or criminal charges brought against you.

Talk to Family, Friends and Loved Ones

Many times criminal defendants are ashamed to let their loved ones know that they have been accused of a crime. They are even more ashamed to ask for financial assistance. Well, guess what? If you hire a cheap lawyer they are going to find out anyway when you are sentenced to years in prison. This is the most important fight of your life and you need all the assistance you can get. Ask your family, ask your friends. You may be surprised at how willing they are to help you.

Use Your Credit Cards

Not all law firms accept credit cards. No problem. Call your credit card company and ask them if they will send you credit card checks or allow you to withdraw cash from your card. If your company will not do this you can always find one that will and apply for one of their cards. This will help you afford the best criminal lawyer you can find in New York.

If You Have Posted Bail

Ask your criminal lawyer if he will allow you to use your bail money to pay for his services. Many criminal defense lawyers will allow you to sign an agreement where the bail money is to be paid to the lawyer when your case is over.

Try All of the Above

With your bail money, help from family, help from friends and a loan on your property, you should have the resources you need to find a NYC criminal defense lawyer that will fight for your freedom and ensure that you will either avoid jail or spend as little time there for your criminal case as possible.

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